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The origins of Vonbodan



I know you are asking yourself who is Vonbodan? What is he about? What does his name mean? That story is an interesting one. As a child he fell in love with the art of magic. He spent a lot of time performing for family and friends. He spent a lot of time with one friend who constantly encouraged him to follow his dreams and perform magic for anyone who would watch. As time went on his skills increased as did his time he spent with his friend’s family. Sitting and listening to the stories of his friend’s family origins in Germany and the ancestral name. After the sudden loss of his best friend. To honor his friend and his friends never ending support he took a variation of the ancestral name to be his stage name. That way his friend will now and forever be part of this show and continue this journey.





Which he has been performing professionally for 20 years plus, Vonbodan has dazzled spectators performing across the country. He was a performing Magician in Wayne, Michigan. He had several return performances as a magician in Livonia. He has performed in Las Vegas, Nevada, New Orleans, Louisiana and across the Metro Detroit Area. Vonbodan was “bitten by the magic bug” at the early age of 8 years old. After seeing a performance of the legendary magician Magic Jack, his performance had ignited a fire for magic. Over the years he has spent countless hours learning the art of magic. Vonbodan would take any opportunity to perform for classmates, friends, family and anyone that would watch. His performances radiate the amount of passion he has for magic. One of his most noteworthy accomplishments was to start a family. The entire family is involved in the shows and performing right along with him and the day to day running of Vonbodan Entertainment across the nation and in the state of Michigan and specializing around metro Detroit.

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